jQuery checkbox v.1.3.0

jQuery Checkbox v.1.3.0.: What It Is & How It Can Help Grow Your Online Business



Engaging web designs are complicated endeavors, often requiring complex elements to boost engagement, conversions and revenue. While integrating these features may seem simple to non-programmers, finding the right interactive site features takes a lot of research, effort, and a whole other language: JavaScript and jQuery.

Below, we’ll explore exactly what jQuery is and how it benefits JavaScript users. Plus, we’ll share our favorite jQuery plugin that we think every business needs.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a comprehensive JavaScript library that is integrated through an API. Basically, jQuery makes accessing the complex elements powered by JavaScript easier, therefore improving the functionality and benefits of powering a dynamic website with JavaScript. Just like their slogan says, coders are able to “write less, do more.” Plenty of big companies use jQuery, including Google, Microsoft and Netflix. Anyone who plans to use jQuery will need someone who “speaks the language.”

JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript (JS) is a common computer scripting language that empowers designers and developers to add intricate elements to a website. These details include live content updates, auto-playing videos, animation motion graphics and more. JavaScript is particularly important when building professional websites, because those engaging features often increase conversion rates, return visits, brand recognition and, ultimately, revenue.

Many host software programs can work seamlessly with JavaScript. In fact, it has its own application programming interface (API) that helps facilitate quick and easy integration with various websites. JavaScript is not to be confused with Java, which is a computer programming language that requires different plugins, creates applications which run in a virtual destination, and necessitates compiled code.

jQuery, as we mentioned earlier, makes utilizing JavaScript a less complex process. Before learning the jQuery language, web design and development experts should be proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is because the languages all build upon each other, like many layers of paint creating the desired ending hue.

There are plenty of benefits to utilizing jQuery when building your brand’s website – the most notable clearly being the simpler implementation of JavaScript. Some of the complicated tasks jQuery alleviates include AJAX calls (a browser request that doesn’t necessarily require a page transition) and DOM manipulation (altering the API interface for HTML and XML web documents).



Top jQuery Checkbox v.1.3.0 Features

The jQuery Checkbox Plugin (also referred to as the wCheck jQuery Radio and Checkbox Input Plugin) is one of the most popular JS plugins available. It enables developers to create customizable checkbox and radio options – just like it sounds. Version 1.3.0 was released in July 2013 (it has since been updated in 2014, but it still a popular iteration). We recommend version 1.3.2.

This particular plugin has many distinguished functions and features, such as:

This specific version of jQuery has been tested in several Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome engines. Plus, jQuery supports search engine optimization efforts. The jQuery Checkbox v.1.3.0 simply lays the new element atop an existing image instead of removing it. This move allows the tab indexing and title tags to remain the same, which boosts SEO rankings and makes the site more discoverable.

The radio and checkbox jQuery plugin is especially useful for brands because it gives companies access to interactive forms that can capture information and improve the user experience.


All in all, jQuery is an easy-to-use support system that eases the intimidation factor that JavaScript brings to the table and ultimately creates a more user-friendly website. The many features of jQuery and the checkbox v.1.3.0. ensure this particular plugin is useful for businesses in every industry.

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